ACHA 101st ANNUAL MEETING  •  January 6-8, 2022
New Orleans 2022

Update: January 6

Open Mic Session: Fri., Jan. 7 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM

The ACHA will sponsor a late- breaking “open mic” session from 1:30 to 3:30 PM on Friday, January 7 in the Napoleon Ballroom A3.

During a time with no other scheduled panels, this session will allow members and potential members to engage in an open and conversational discussion about research and work in Catholic Studies.


General Business Meeting to be held via Zoom on Thurs., Jan 6 at 5:15 PM

The General Business Meeting, open to all members, will now be held today (January 6) via Zoom––not in person as originally scheduled. It will start at 5:15 PM (Central Time) and will run for roughly one hour.

Canceled and Moved Presentations

  • Panel 4: The Holocaust and Postwar Jewish-Christian Relations 
  • Panel 6 Catholics, the State, and the West
  • Panel 7: Catholicism in Mexico
  • Panel 9: Lay Catholic Women Reinterpreting Trans-Atlantic Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century Latin America
  • Panel 10: The ‘Neo-African Vatican”: New Orleans, the Global Crossroads of Catholicism and Voodoo 
  • Panel 14: Postwar American Catholicism
  • Panel 16: Disability and Catholic Imagination
  • Panel 17: Presidential Roundtable: New Directions in African American Catholic Women’s History
  • Panel 18: Marian Politics
  • Panel 19: Reproductive Health, Power, and American Catholicism
  • Panel 20: An Anti-Protestant “International”: Strategies, Networks, and Actors of Transnational Catholic Anti-Protestantism 
  • Panel 21: Christianity, World, Religions, and the CIA: A Conversation on Michael Graziono’s Errand into the Wilderness of Mirrors
  • Panel 26: (AHA #160) Religion, Collaboration, and Resistance during the Second World War 
  • Panel 30: Catholic eBay
  • Panel 33: Hidden Catholic Collections: Revealing Underused Collections in Catholic Archives
  • Panel 34: (AHA #234) Radical Politics, Religious Mission, and (Female) Community: American Catholic Women’s Activism in the Postwar Era 
Moved Papers:
  • “Subtle Subversion: The Sioux Catholic Congress and the Preservation of the Lakota Tiospaye,” Paul G. Monson, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology moved to Panel 15 Usable Past Part 1, 11:30-1:00 PM, Friday, January 7
  • Jason, Steidl, St. Joseph College, “George Hyde and the Eucharistic Catholic Church: The Origins of LGBTQ Catholic Ministry in the US,” moved to Panel 28: Restructuring the Parish in the Post-Vatican II, Post-Civil Rights Era, 9:30-11:00 AM, Saturday, January 8
  • Eileen Groth Lyon, State University of New York at Fredonia, “Faith, Identity, and Community—Rosaries in the Nazi Concentration Camps,” moved to  Panel 36: Modern Challenges, 4:30-6:00 PM, Saturday, January 8

Update: January 3


From ACHA Executive Treasurer Charles Strauss

Dear All,
ACHA Officers and the Committees for the Program and for Local Arrangements met this afternoon to review the number of cancellations and changes we have received over recent weeks. Thank you to everyone who contacted the ACHA office or completed the survey for presenters, chairs, and commenters. The ACHA continues to follow the directives of the AHA as we navigate holding a conference during a pandemic. We ask that you continue to be in touch with the AHA if you registered with them, or you have indicated interest in the AHA 2022 Online Program in February:
If you are traveling to New Orleans, please be sure to pack your proof of vaccination card. We have heard reports that some places allow a digital version of the card if provided with a photo ID, while others are requiring the printed card. Better to be over prepared when it comes to these documents. 
We will post updates and amendments to the agenda on the ACHA website on an ongoing basis. But to give you a heads-up, we started off with 36 panels and we are now at 22. This has motivated us to turn Session V (panels #17 – #20) into a new experience of individuals who are the single remaining presenters on a panel (individual e-mails will be sent to these presenters over the next 24 hours) and an “open mic” experience where members can gather around common academic interests (more to come). We may also be facing a similar set of changes for Session IX (panels #34 to #36).
Thank you for remaining flexible and patient with us. No one wanted or expected this, and yet the ACHA believes that we still have a good experience (both in person and for those who will be dropping into the business meeting remotely or who are scheduled for the February remote meeting) planned for all. As for numbers, we started with 128 registrants, and are now at 79.
Please note the following:

  • the tour of Black Catholic New Orleans and subsequent panel at Xavier University of Louisiana on Thursday morning continues as planned. We have 30 signed up at the moment but have room for about 20 more. The bus departs the Sheraton at 7:30 AM on Thursday and returns by 1:00 PM. If you are interested, please e-mail me;
  • the book series launch sponsored by Fordham University Press planned for Thursday night has been canceled;
  • the Executive Council Meeting and the General Business Meeting will be held on Zoom only. The link to these meetings will be posted on the ACHA website and distributed by e-mail and social media in the coming days. Documents related to these meetings will also be posted on the website.
  • the Presidential Luncheon (Saturday at 12 Noon at Antoine’s), ACHA Mass (Saturday at 6:00 PM at Our Lady of Guadalupe), and ACHA Social (Saturday at 7:30 PM in the Sheraton Napoleon Ballroom) remain as planned. We will have about 50 members and guests at each of these. Good food, open bar, and “Vintage Catholic Door Prizes” await at the ACHA Social. Transportation is on your own to these three events. 
Finally, if you seek a reimbursement for all or some of the fees you paid for this conference, please complete this very short survey. Presenters already indicated this on another survey, but we ask you to complete this one as well, which will make these refund payments more efficient. If you do not seek a reimbursement, your fees will be considered a donation to the ACHA Annual General Fund Appeal, and we can issue you a receipt for that donation. We will keep the survey open until 12 noon on Monday, January 10. Complete it by then to request all or some of the fees; do nothing and we will consider your fees a donation, and issue a receipt via e-mail. 
Please do not hesitate to be in touch with questions. 
Take good care,


COVID precautions

The ACHA, in keeping with policies of the American Historical Association, will follow all COVID-19 protocols for the safety of all participants. This includes requiring proof of vaccination from all meeting attendees.