Glauco Schettini Receives 2021 Ellis Award

Glauco Schettini (Fordham University) was honored with the 2021 John Tracy Ellis Award for his in-progress dissertation, “The Catholic Counter-Revolution: A Global Intellectual History, 1780s-1840s.”

The Ellis Award is awarded to a doctoral student in the field of Catholic Studies with a promising, but not-yet-completed dissertation. The award carries a $1,500 purse.

The prize committee writes:

“We are delighted to bestow the John Tracy Ellis Award 2022 upon Glauco Schettini, a graduate student at Fordham University. His dissertation, “The Catholic Counter-Revolution: A Global Intellectual History, 1780s-1840s,” examines Catholic responses to the intellectual turmoil released by the Enlightenment and French Revolution in Iberian Europe and the Americas, regions that until now have received little attention in the historiography. Schettini plans on using the award to visit the archives of Augustin Barruel, a key antirevolutionary polemicist, and Henri Gregoire, a bishop in the French Constitutional Church.”

Thank you to the prize committee of Robert W. Shaffern, Scranton University (chair), James McCartin, Fordham University, and Mary Dunn, St. Louis University.