Congratulations to the 2019 Graduate Student Summer Research Grant Recipients

Every summer, the American Catholic Historical Association awards multiple grants to graduate students to fund travel and research as they complete their doctoral dissertations. This year, the ACHA funded research for four doctoral students:

    • Tim Dulle, Fordham University (pictured at left): “A Question Making Time: Corita Kent, the White Catholic Imagination, and American Catholicism,” and “Tinseltown Catholics: The Development of White Catholic Identity in Los Angeles.”
    • Corinne Gressang, University of Kentucky (pictured second from left): “Breaking Habits: Identity and the Dissolution of Convents in France, 1789-1815”
    • Mitchell Oxford, the College of William and Mary (pictured second from right): “The French Revolution and the Making of an American Catholicism, 1789-1870”
    • Cole Voleman, West Virginia University (pictured at right): “Human Migrations Across the English Channel in the Elizabethan era”

Summaries of these students’ research will be posted to later this academic year.