Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients Announced

The American Catholic Historical Association is pleased to announce this year’s Distinguished Achievement Award recipients in the fields of Scholarship, Service, and Teaching. These awards confer recognition on people who substantially assist the work of Catholic history through promotion, publication, instruction, and dissemination.

The Distinguished Achievement Award for Scholarship is bestowed on the scholar who has made a significant impact on the understanding of Catholic history. The award is not for one book or any single piece of scholarship, but for a sustained series of contributions which have fundamentally animated the research of others besides being significant in their own right.  This year’s recipient of the ACHA’s Distinguished Scholar Award is James T. Fisher, Professor of Theology, Fordham University.

The Distinguished Achievement Award for Service to Catholic Studies acknowledges the exceptional contribution of an individual who has promoted the study and research of the history of Catholicism, broadly conceived, apart from teaching and publication. This year’s recipient of the ACHA’s Distinguished Service Award is Sr. Karen M. Kennelly. C.S.J., Coordinator, Conference on the History of Women Religious

The Distinguished Teaching Award is presented to a college or university professor who has demonstrated a high commitment to teaching beyond the expected requirements of their position and through their influence and skill have promoted Catholic studies from one generation of scholars to another. This year’s recipient of the ACHA’s Distinguished Teaching Award is Roy Domenico, Professor of History, University of Scranton.

All three recipients will be honored during the Presidential Luncheon to be held at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel on Saturday, January 4, 2014. We invite all members to join us in celebrating these awardees at luncheon. To register, or for more information, please see the details on our website.

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