Call for Submission: Historical Studies

Historical Studies, an annual publication of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, invites original articles relating to the history of Catholicism in Canada. Comparative studies that deal with Canada and another country are also welcome. The journal comes out in print, but is also available electronically through Proquest and Ebsco, and is accessible a year after publication on the CCHA website.

Historical Studies has a rigorous peer review system. Authors can expect to receive up to three reviews of their work.

The submission deadline is 1 September. Historical Studies has an impressive track record of time-to-publication. We aim to notify authors of the acceptance of their manuscripts in January or earlier and to have print copies available the following September.

For more information and submission guidelines, please visit the Historical Studies page at or contact the editors.

Editor: Dr. Indre Cuplinskas, [email protected]
Associate Editor: Dr. Patricia E. Roy, [email protected]

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