U.S.-Canadian Project to Commemorate 50 Years of Vatican II

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences together with the Center for the Study of and Research on the Second Vatican Council of the Pontifical Lateran University are co-sponsoring a project to promote scholarly research with the archives of the Council Fathers entitled “The Second Vatican Council from the Perspective of the Archives of the Council Fathers.” Collecting information on where these papers are located will be a principle focus of the project.

In the United States and Canada, dioceses and eparchies have been contacted and invited to fill out the census prepared by the project that will ask for a brief description of any papers they hold of a Council Father or peritus. Responses will be forwarded to Rome where they will be entered into a database that will contain the information collected from around the world. This database will then be made available to scholars through the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences’ website. If you can assist this project by providing information on where a collection is located, please contact one of the project’s coordinators by the end of March 2012.

A presentation on the data collected for the project will be made at an international conference planned for October 2012, where sessions will be dedicated to promoting research that make specific use of the Archives of the Council Fathers.

Contact information:

The North American Coordinators, Archives of the Council Fathers Project are

  • Tricia T. Pyne, Ph.D. ([email protected]) (United States)
  • Rev. Gilles Routhier, Ph.D. (Canada)

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