Thomas Worcester

Fordham University
Candidate for Executive Council (2024-26)

Candidate statement

I would like to make myself available to serve on the Executive Council because I can draw on my varied experiences as an early modern historian: as a specialist in the religious history of seventeenth-century France, as one who privileges interdisciplinary work, especially in collaboration with art historians, as a Jesuit priest who approaches the history of the Society of Jesus as global from its origins to today, and a historian of the papacy who stresses how technology, more than theology, has changed the papacy in dramatic ways, from the invention of the printing press, to the steam engine and railroad, to photography, to radio and television, to the jet airplane, and to the internet.

A proud native of Burlington, Vermont, with French Catholic ancestry on my mother’s side and English Protestant ancestry on my father’s side, I am also an amateur photographer, one most interested in sunrises on the Atlantic coast, and sunsets over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack mountains of New York state.

Thomas Worcester, SJ
Professor of History, Fordham University