Sisters of the Precious Blood Archives, Dayton, OH

The Sisters of the Precious Blood, founded in 1834 by Mother Maria Anna Brunner, are an active apostolic congregation ministering to the needs of the times.

In 1901, the Sisters of the Precious Blood acquired Kneipp Springs, a health spa famous for its water treatments in Rome City, Indiana. Although the buildings were in sore need of repair, the Sisters took on the challenge and began a 75-year ministry to those in need of relaxation and wellness. Kneipp Springs became one of the most popular health and wellness destinations in the country.

In 1976, the Sisters left Kneipp Springs. In 2018, the 80-acre site, including the convent building and surrounding farm, was designated a historic district and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as “Kneipp Springs Historic District.”

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Newspaper article from The Plain Dealer, April 20, 1968
Newspaper article from The News-Sun, July 20, 1967
Sr. Beatrice Marie Hafer, hostess, with her waitresses, late 1960s
Sr. Josina Kuhn in ministry, ca. 1956
Water treatment at Kneipp Springs, ca. 1901