ACHA Adopts Constitutional Amendments

On April 11, 2023, by a vote of 91-2, the Association’s membership ratified several updates to the ACHA Constitution. The revisions to the Constitution, which took effect as of the close of voting, do the following:

  • Provide additional detail on the name and purpose of the ACHA.
  • Clarify the membership process.
  • Split the position of Executive Secretary-Treasurer to: Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Treasurer.
  • Clarify roles and expectations of the Officers and Executive Council.
  • Clarify the schedule of ACHA meetings.
  • Clarify potential for compensation for chairing committees and more formally, establishing a Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer.
  • Permit the ACHA to publish content online.

The full text of the updated Constitution is always available on