Guide to Catholic Records About Native Americans in the United States, Special Collections and University Archive, Marquette University

Our Hidden Catholic Collection this week documents the long and complicated relationship of Native Americans and the Catholic Church. The Special Collections and University Archive at Marquette University’s online Guide to Catholic Records About Native Americans in the United States is an excellent place to start looking for materials. Through repository-based entries, Marquette’s Guide provides referrals to related records at other repositories and corresponding records in Marquette’s special collections.

There are five volumes in the Guide: the first covers Eastern United States; the second the Midwest, from Michigan and Indiana to the Dakotas; the third the Western United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii; and the fourth volume documents collections and activities in Canada, Mexico, and South America as well as in Europe, among other places. The final volume provides an index to the previous four volumes.

Digitized collections can also be searched on the Marquette site, by going to Catholic Native American Collections online.


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Choctaw Indian children holding a poster of #SaintKateri and joined by a priest of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity at Holy Rosary Mission, Tucker, Mississippi, 1934.

High Horse and his grandson Adelbert Thunder Hawk of the Brulé nation of South Dakota, 1918.
Osage Indian tourists from Oklahoma at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, Palestine, c.1919-1932.