Executive Council establishes new award

The Executive Council (EC) of the American Catholic Historical Association (ACHA) has just voted to expand the awarding of the the “Harry C. Koenig prize for Catholic Biography” to include an award for a scholarly article that focuses on a Catholic personage from any period of Christian history. Presently the Koenig prize is awarded solely for a published monograph. The decision to create a Koenig article award came after the EC discussed the need to encourage scholarship in the field of Catholic biography — a field of research much admired by Msgr. Harry C. Koenig, former ACHA treasurer and major ACHA benefactor.

The Koenig article award committee, to be comprised of scholars familiar with various periods of Catholic history, will consider submissions either published originally in English or translated into English. Graduate students, either Masters or Doctoral level, from accredited institutions of higher learning; independent scholars; or faculty members are eligible to compete for the Koenig prize. The article submission may be the work of one or more individuals and must be substantial in length. It also has to have appeared in a periodical, preference will be given to a submission that was published in an academic journal; book articles or edited volume articles do not qualify.

Awarded on a competitive basis, this prize carries a cash award of $500 and will be presented every odd-numbered year. In the case of a co-authored article, the prize money will be divided among the authors. For consideration for the 2017 award, an article must have been published in calendar year 2015 or 2016. The deadline for submitting an article for consideration is April 30, 2017.

More information on the Koenig Prize for articles can be found on our awards page.