Stephen M. Koeth, Candidate for Graduate Student Representative

Candidate statement for 2018 ACHA Election

I am a doctoral candidate in history at Columbia University studying twentieth century American religion and politics. My dissertation explores the effects of postwar suburbanization on American Catholicism by examining changes in the dioceses and parishes of metropolitan New York

I have been a member of the Association since 2010 and have regularly attended and presented at the annual conference. I consider myself lucky to have experienced the mentoring and camaraderie of the Association’s members from my earliest days in graduate studies. I have also benefited from the ACHA’s generous financial support of graduate student research.

I would be honored to give back to the Association by serving the Executive Council, and the Association’s graduate members, as Graduate Student Representative. I look forward to encouraging greater participation in the Association by graduate students and to further developing programs aimed at serving the needs of graduate student members, especially in the areas of mentoring, research assistance, and preparation for the job market.

At Columbia, I have served as an elected representative of graduate students to the history department’s Graduate Education Committee and have worked collaboratively with fellow graduate students and senior faculty to organize several academic conferences. I have graduate degrees from small and large departments at both Catholic and secular universities and I am therefore well prepared to represent the unique needs and concerns of graduate students from various institutional settings.

Curriculum vitae

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