Massimo Faggioli, Candidate for Executive Council

Candidate statement for September 2017 ACHA Election

I wish to candidate myself for the Executive Board of the American Catholic Historical Association. I believe I can serve the ACHA by adding some new perspectives and strengthening the voice of the ACHA in the field of Church history and of the historical studies on Catholicism in the USA.

By coming to the USA in the summer of 2008, I was pushed toward a greater engagement with post-Vatican II theology in American Catholicism. During the previous decade, my books were published in different languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German) and my scholarly essays in eight languages. Now, my future plans involve a return to Church history and more historical studies on Catholicism, in the USA and globally. The ACHA will be a more important part of my network from now on.

Collegiality is part of my research and service (as founding co-chair of the Vatican II Studies Group at the American Academy of Religion, and still co-chair of the group pending renewal for another five-year term at the end of 2017). I believe I can contribute also in terms of international connections with Italy and Europe especially. I am currently involved with the launching of a new international research project (based in Germany) on the reception of Vatican II and this will be part of the next phase of my career: this project plans to involve US-based Catholic Church historians and the ACHA will be a great partner in this project.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Dr. Massimo Faggioli
Villanova University

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