Katya Mouris: Candidate for Graduate Representative

Candidate statement for September 2017 ACHA Election

I am a doctoral candidate at Catholic University of America, specializing in the history of the Reformation. I am fortunate to have been a recipient of financial support from the ACHA, which allowed me to undertake my dissertation research in Germany. I am also grateful for the opportunities I have had to present my ideas at ACHA fora. By means both intellectual and practical, the ACHA has helped to shape my academic career thus far. I hope that other graduate students will likewise benefit from the opportunities that membership in the Association affords.

Going forward, there are additional ways the Association could assist graduate students. Networking with established scholars is especially important, and I’d work to expand channels for such interaction to take place. I would also propose roundtable discussions on topics relevant to graduate students, for example, what it means to be a “Catholic scholar” in a largely secular world; or how to teach Catholic history in religious versus non-religious classroom settings. By sharing their accumulated wisdom and experience, ACHA members can help form the next generation of Catholic scholarship.

Katya Mouris
August 2017

Curriculum vitae

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