Carolyn Twomey, Candidate for Graduate Representative

Candidate statement for September 2017 ACHA Election

I am a PhD candidate in history at Boston College, where I work on the history and material culture of baptism in early medieval England. My research engages with the liturgical documents and physical settings of the rites of initiation to tell a new ritual and material story of the origins of western Christendom. I would welcome the opportunity to serve as a Graduate Student Representative with the ACHA to provide an early career perspective on the Executive Council and to assist in the operations of the organization as it approaches its 100 year anniversary and looks to the future of Catholic studies. I would look forward to developing programs and annual meeting events geared toward ACHA graduate student members and contributing toward the existing support that this organization has traditionally provided for its early career historians. As someone nearing the end of her graduate study, I am well-placed to represent the concerns and needs of graduate students both in the early phases of their coursework and research as well as those completing their degrees and working as adjuncts, visiting professors, and post-docs.

I have substantial experience collaborating with scholars as the organizer of multiple conferences and conference panels, member of department and university committees, and co- author of peer-reviewed publications. I have also previously represented graduate students at my home university of Boston College, where I served as the president of the Graduate History Alliance and, for the graduate school as a whole across departments, as the president of the Graduate Arts and Sciences Association. Graduate students have many diverse needs: from managing courses with part-time jobs, funding conference and research travel, and approaching the academic and non-academic job markets. As an Executive Council member, I hope to provide a point of reference for graduate student voices and advocate for their early career needs.

Curriculum vitae

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