Lisa Rose Lamson

Marquette University
Candidate for Executive Council Graduate Student Representative

Candidate statement

I am a doctoral candidate in history at Marquette University studying faith-based and public education in Baltimore City during the 19th century under the direction of Dr. James Marten. My dissertation explores how girls of color were being educated and for what purpose was their education? My research unites several strands of race, gender, religious, and educational history to understand the development of nineteenth century black girlhood, a sub-discipline in the history of children and youth.

I have been a member of the Association since 2018, when I presented at my first ACHA in January of 2019. The feedback I received during my presentation was invaluable, changed some of my reading of my sources around a Black and Catholic boarding school, and such a welcoming environment for not only my first ACHA but also AHA. I consider myself luck to have experienced the mentoring and camaraderie of the Association’s members since then, from advice on sources – either finding or interpreting them – to people to contact who are working on projects that intersect with mine. 

It would be an honor to support the Association by serving the Executive Council, and the Association’s graduate members, as the Graduate Student Representative. This service to the profession would be a continuation of the service to my university and department that I have begun since last year. I am deeply motivated by issues pertaining to graduate students.  At Marquette, I have served as the President of the Graduate Student Organization since January of 2019, with a term that concludes in May of 2020. In my work with the student organization, I have advocated for graduate students at both the university and departmental level, and I hope to serve graduate students within our discipline as well.