Catholic Historical Review: Spring 2016


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Issue highlights:

  • Praising God Together: Monastic Reformers and Laypeople in Tenth-Century Winchester
    • Christopher Riedel
  • The Jesuits, Mary, and Joseph: The Catholic Workers’ College, Dublin, 1951–66
    • David Limond
  • “A Decision that Spits in the Face of Our History”: Catholics and the Midcentury Fight Over Public Prayer and Bible Reading
    • Kathleen Holscher
  • Book Review: Cristiani entro e oltre gli Imperi: Saggi su Terre e Chiese d’Oriente by Giorgio Fedalto
    • Ronald G. Roberson C.S.P.
  • Book Review: Espace sacré, mémoire sacrée: Le culte des évêques dans leurs villes (IVe–XXesiècle). Actes du colloque international de Tours 10–12 juin 2010 ed. by Christine Bousquet-Labouérie, and Yossi Maurey
    • Constance B. Bouchard
  • Book Review: A History of Science, Magic, and Belief: From Medieval to Early Modern Europe by Steven P. Marron
    • Michael D. Bailey
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