Nino Zchomelidse of Johns Hopkins receives 2015 Marraro Prize

2015 Howard R. Marraro Prize for Italian History awarded to Nino Zchomelidse, Ph.D. of Johns Hopkins University


“Art, Ritual, and Civic Identity in Medieval Southern Italy”

Nino Zchomelidse
Nino Zchomelidse
This beautifully-produced book offers an in-depth and fascinating portrait of the Easter liturgical celebration in medieval southern Italy, based on a study of ecclesiastical furnishings and manuscripts produced between the 10th-14th centuries.  Zchomelidse’s interdisciplinary analysis focused on ambos, monumental candlestick holders, and exultet rolls brings to life the theatrical reenactment of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection during Easter week, as well as the changes brought to the liturgical practices in the Norman and Angevin eras.